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By 2026, global digital transformation spending is forecasted to reach 3.4 trillion U.S. dollars.


Digital transformation is critical for companies to compete in today’s business world. The shift towards digital transformation requires organizations to quickly adapt to evolving technologies, new competition, and changing customer expectations. Finding skilled professionals that can identify and implement emerging technologies tailored to an organization’s unique needs is key to success.


According to Deloitte, more than half of executives are focusing on digital transformation, yet 46% of them say limited skills, capacity or ability is a constraint in delivering value from these initiatives. And only 13% of the employers say they can hire and retain the tech talent they need.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a strategic initiative to implement new technologies into all aspects of an organization to improve efficiency, gain better business agility, increase revenue, and provide greater value for employees and customers. The goal is to build a foundation that positions organizations to be more agile in responding to the evolving landscape, keeping the company competitive while also improving business operations.


Digital transformation requires organizations to evolve in two major areas:


  • Applications: Requiring Agile & Software Engineering to re-architect and modernize applications for the cloud
  • Infrastructure: Building cloud and platform engineering

Finding the right expertise can be challenging. This is where an IT staffing partner plays an important role.


Benefits of IT Staffing for Digital Transformation

IT staffing organizations play a critical role by identifying and securing highly skilled professionals to implement innovative digital solutions and meet the organization’s changing needs. Benefits include:


Top Talent
IT staffing companies have access to specialized talent.


Allows organizations to adapt to the evolving business landscape.


Allows organizations to readily adjust the size of their IT team in response to changing business needs.


Speed and Efficiency
IT staffing experts can fill critical roles quickly and efficiently, reducing time and resources required for recruiting and onboarding.


Reduced Risk
IT staffing expertise helps hiring managers screen job seekers more effectively, ensuring they have the necessary skills.


IT staffing resources transfer knowledge to the organization’s team.


By leveraging the expertise offered through IT staffing to support digital transformation, organizations can implement advanced technologies and gain a competitive advantage. Partnering with the right IT staffing agency is the key to ensuring a seamless transition. Check out our infographic: Benefits of IT Staffing for Digital Transformation.


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