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As the demand for cybersecurity solutions escalates, ClearBridge Consultants, with their proven track record, are at the forefront. Our seasoned consultants share their insights around cybersecurity challenges and the solutions needed to protect your data.

Security Breaches

Our consultants have witnessed security breaches to company networks, systems, and data that include:

Ransomware attacks in which a victim’s data or device is held hostage – unless the victim pays a ransom to the attacker

When a client fell victim to a ransomware attack, ClearBridge deployed a dedicated team that handled every aspect of the recovery process, from rebuilding infrastructure and virtualized infrastructure to implementing new hardware and rebuilding existing hardware and OS.

Phishing attacks, including fraudulent emails that trick users into exposing sensitive data or downloading malware

ClearBridge provided a Cisco IronPort Email Gateway Administrator to support a government agency’s email environment. Our consultant created, modified, and maintained email policies focusing on threat mitigation, spam reduction, malware/ransomware prevention, and email encryption. 

Malware, including destructive computer programs that infect, explore, or steal sensitive information

ClearBridge provided an IT Security Administrator who administered security solutions and tools, including vulnerability scanning, anti-malware, ransomware protection, EDR, and MDR, and managed SOC.  Our Administrator reviewed and responded to security event logs and alerts, monitored potential intrusion attempts, virus outbreaks, security, and compliance scanning tools, and coordinated the remediation of identified vulnerabilities.

Incident Response Time

Every second counts when responding to critical incidents in cybersecurity. Organizations need to be well-prepared to activate their incident response resources, gather the necessary data, and begin the steps to mitigate the incident’s impact. Our experienced consultants help our clients respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.

ClearBridge provided an Incident Response Director who drove the creation and build of a Cyber Security Incident Response Center (CSIRC). Our consultant was responsible for in-depth network security analysis, including incident response, event analysis, and threat intelligence.

Identification of Access

Identify and Access Management (IAM), the discipline that handles how users access digital resources and their permissions, helps mitigate attacks and ensures that only the right people have access to the right information. Our experienced consultants provide IAM solutions to help keep our clients’ data and resources secure.

ClearBridge provided an Active Directory/Identity Engineer who managed IAM systems, including Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory. Our consultant implemented directory services and lifecycle governance processes, designed and architected AD Infrastructures, and troubleshooted password authentication and authorization systems.

Ensuring Compliance Standards

Compliance standards and regulations designed to secure assets and sensitive data must be upheld to mitigate security breaches, financial penalties, and even legal action. Our certified consultants help our clients implement solutions that achieve and maintain compliance for all industries.

ClearBridge provided a Technical Compliance Manager who was responsible for assuring the technical compliance of policies, programs, and initiatives. Our consultant helped to determine gaps or opportunities for continuous improvement regarding the organization’s participation in various security frameworks.

Keeping up with Cybersecurity

Emerging Technologies

New technologies bring new vulnerabilities to tackle, including AI attacks, in which AI is leveraged to serve malicious purposes; cloud attacks that target systems, services, infrastructure, and data hosted in a cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) attacks that affect IoT devices.

AI Attacks

With the increase of AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, security challenges increase as well, especially when it comes to phishing. AI not only allows attackers to be more convincing by improving grammar and readability, but it can also gather information from social media and websites to target phishing and email attacks. In addition, the use of AI can cause compliance violations, data leaks, copyright infringement, and fraud. As much as attackers use AI, organizations must scale up their AI capabilities to defend against cyberattacks.

Cloud Attacks

As more organizations move their data and applications to the cloud, cloud security is more important than ever. Organizations must ensure there are no unsecured gaps between the cloud service provider and the organization. In addition, service delivery models such as Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service all provide unique features that make them targets for cyberattacks.

IoT Attacks

As the number of IoT devices increases, the number of cybersecurity vulnerabilities also increases. IoT devices usually do not maintain the same strict security protections as other assets, which opens them up to malicious activity. Organizations must consider effective solutions to protect against IoT security vulnerabilities.

Talent Shortfall

Many organizations lack sufficient information security talent expertise, and the shortfall is increasing as technology advances.  In addition, the regulatory landscape is growing, and companies must meet stricter compliance requirements. This shortfall of talent has been evident in the mounting requests we receive for consultants with the latest knowledge in cybersecurity. Contact ClearBridge to learn how we can help bridge this technology gap for your organization.