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Security Strategy Service

Organizations of all sizes are being faced with an increasing onslaught of cyber security and regulatory compliance challenges. 


Where We Help

Increasing ransomware attacks and expanding state and federal legislation are requiring more investment in protecting critical information. But a global shortage of skilled security personnel makes it difficult for companies to find and retain the talent needed to overcome these challenges, or even determine where to start.

While many service providers offer various forms of assessments a business can leverage to start their security journey, even a simple assessment can be overwhelming or drive unnecessary costs, only to tell you what you already know… you have security gaps that need to be filled.

Businesses looking to start on their security journey have another, more strategic option: the ClearBridge Security Strategy Service.

The Security Strategy Service forgoes asking for documentation and controls that are informal or may not exist. Instead, it focuses on what your business needs to do, and in what order. ClearBridge delivers a prioritized roadmap that will help you accelerate your security journey and implement right-sized capabilities.

Compared to other assessment services, the Security Strategy Service can reduce your time and budget investment by 50-75% and teach you exactly what’s needed for your security program to be effective.

Security Strategy Service Benefits


Serves as a cost-effective approach for developing actionable security roadmaps.


Creates alignment between business requirements and security solutions.


Accelerates an organization’s ability to move its security program forward.


Effective for many use cases including compliance, improved security, privacy,
risk management, ransomware preparedness, and more.

It’s time to get strategic about addressing your organization’s security needs. Talk to a ClearBridge representative today to learn more.