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Case Study

ClearBridge Sitecore Architect: A Guiding Force for an Award-winning ECommerce Company

ClearBridge recently wrapped up a project with our customer, an end-to-end ecommerce company in urgent need of a Sitecore Architect. Our consultant, a Sitecore Certified Professional Web Developer who has been developing enterprise solutions for over 12 years, was able to jump in right away to assist.

Business Challenge

Our customer was 80% into a brand-new Sitecore 10.X project when they realized the development structure was in disarray. They expressed concern on how to resolve the issues and how to maintain the project going forward.


Our consultant quickly assessed the situation and discovered discrepancies within the structure. While resolving the problems, he learned one of the main issues was that onshore individuals and offshore individuals were checking in code simultaneous and would spend days fixing each other’s issues. He implemented a process to monitor when an individual checks in a code and developed and implemented test protocols.


Our consultant helped the customer update the structure and streamline processes. Once the project was complete, his expertise was integral in helping them determine the best solution for next phase of the project.


“I had a great experience with ClearBridge. Everyone was very accommodating, and I feel lucky to have the constant support of the team.”

Simar S.