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Case Study

Clearbridge: Providing Data-Driven Insights with Tealium iQ

Our client, a manufacturing company, needed support for their digital marketing team to stabilize Google Analytics on multiple websites for their 40+ products. 

Business Challenge

Our client asked ClearBridge for assistance with optimizing Google Analytics to better shape their marketing strategy. They wanted to take full advantage of the tool and utilize its data to make meaningful decisions about advertising, marketing, content creation, and website design. 


ClearBridge’s consultant, with a strong background in eCommerce marketing, Google Analytics, and SEO, quickly became an integral part of their team and now handles all new releases and ongoing support. Utilizing Tealium iQ, our consultant supports multiple websites for the enterprise and provides the company with real-time customer and website information to make tactical decisions.   


Our client benefits from the new data-driven insights, processes, and workflows and has seen increased marketing agility,  improved site performance and boosted conversions. Our consultant, an essential part of their digital marketing strategy, continues to assist them with their bottom-line growth and overall company prosperity. 

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