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Members of the ClearBridge team recently attended the 2023 ViVE and HIMSS conferences and had the opportunity to chat with healthcare IT colleagues, connect with industry experts, and explore the latest trends transforming the healthcare IT industry. The team noticed some prominent themes and offered their four key takeaways on top priorities in the industry:

Digital Modernization
Advancing Health System Capability

 The goal of digital modernization is to advance data to more connected, adaptable, and resilient systems that address problems before they happen and reduce harm when they do occur. Resources to improve digital health capability are needed now more than ever to advance public health and patient safety. With so much information coming from all directions, building and implementing a modernized digital strategy for an organization can be difficult. Healthcare providers need a reliable framework and the tools to build, measure, and advance their data systems.

Data Integration
Allowing Practitioners’ Access to the Right Data at the Right Time

Healthcare data integration incorporates how an organization integrates teams, concepts, and technology to create the infrastructure capable of housing all their data as well as making it easily accessible and capable of being used in a meaningful way. The integration must address data accessibility, ownership, and privacy. For example, data extracted from an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is stored into one secure and comprehensive data source for practitioners. Healthcare organizations are finding it challenging to effectively share and integrate data from multiple sources.

Providing Seamless Data Sharing

 Interoperability is vital to transforming the healthcare industry by providing improved data sharing and enhanced care coordination. To comply with the 21st Century Cures Act, healthcare systems are more focused on interoperability and becoming Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-compliant. The healthcare industry has made significant progress; however, some hospitals lack the resources to implement the technology and have been slow to incorporate the system into their EHR workflows.

Resources for Clinical Imaging
Lacking Enterprise Imaging, Diagnostics and Radiology IT Solutions

Healthcare providers continue to express the need for improved imaging IT solutions to make it easier to view, distribute, and manage images. While the introduction of the picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) was a game changer decades ago, hospitals are finding it difficult to find PACS Administrators to maintain, manage, and troubleshoot the system.

The key discussions around digital modernization, data integration, interoperability and lack of resources for clinical imaging tell us what is paramount to improving healthcare IT. Here at ClearBridge, we are dedicated to helping our clients by providing the technical expertise to design and modernize systems and implement vital technology tools to advance high quality, patient-centered care.

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