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DevSecOps is quickly becoming the leading development method used by organizations. According to Global Market Insights, Inc. the DevSecOps market valuation is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% between 2023 and 2032.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is the integration of security testing and protection throughout the software development lifecycle, from design through integration, testing, deployment, and delivery. Instead of adding security after the development, security works alongside development and operations to integrate security practices into each stage. DevSecOps tools automate security functions and eliminate remedial tasks, allowing development teams to automatically perform security checks without slowing development cycles.

Benefits of DevSecOps


DevSecOps helps organizations deliver software faster without sacrificing security. As security issues are addressed before dependencies are introduced, the delivery of DevSecOps reduces the need for repeated processes, optimizing workflows and saving time.

Cost Savings

By integrating security testing into the development lifecycle, security issues can be identified and addressed before they become costly to the organization. In addition, DevSecOps automation increases the speed at which software can be developed and reduces the number of operations staff required, which provides a significant cost savings.

Increased Security and Compliance

Utilizing automated security and compliance checks in the DevSecOps strategy increases the reliability of security processes. A case study from Comcast reported 85% fewer security incidents with DevSecOps in place.

Improved Collaboration

With development, security, and operations teams collaborating in a DevSecOps framework, team members are able to share their skills and expertise which increases team knowledge and contributes to the overall goals of the project.


The systems and processes can be easily adapted and allow organizations to respond quickly to industry changes.

DevSecOps Culture

One of the most essential characteristics of a successful DevSecOps strategy is a security-focused culture. Fostering a company-wide security mindset includes:


Teams must have an understanding of security best practices and adopt the philosophy that “security is everyone’s responsibility.”


With established collaborative workflows, communication among team members fosters transparency and minimizes delays and unresolved tasks.


Integrating security into DevOps requires that every workflow in the stage of development is held accountable for its role in security.

DevSecOps Strategy

When organizations move towards creating or maintaining a DevSecOps strategy, they need the right staff and tools to be successful. Usually, augmenting staff is necessary to provide security expertise and build security into the DevOps process.

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