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By Greg Smith

What is High Velocity IT?

High Velocity IT (HVIT) is the application of digital technology to significantly enable businesses where speed (to market, to customers, in general) is critical.  High Velocity IT isn’t just about the fast development of digital technology. You need to do the right things quickly and correctly – no cutting corners on utility or warranty of solutions! 

High Velocity IT enables businesses to become market leaders with innovative solutions and quick responses to changing conditions.  It is important to recognize that not all organizations are currently ready to undertake the significant transformation to HVIT.

Is your organization ready?

It may be that your organization has other priorities for budget dollars or the culture and/or appetite for change may not make such a transformation appropriate at this time.  Significant transformation always has associated costs and risks, but at some point, to remain competitive – or even lead the market – most organizations will need to embrace High Velocity IT. 

If your organization’s objectives and the culture match the behaviors of High Velocity IT, then you are ready for HVIT.

Objectives and Behaviors of High Velocity IT

ITIL 4 identifies the following five High Velocity IT Objectives. Are they in-line with the objectives of your organization?

  • Fast Development – developing new and improved digital services frequently, quickly, and reliably
  • Assured Conformance – assuring service provisioning and consumption is within compliance of corporate and regulatory rules regarding governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)
  • Valuable Investments – identifying digital investments that contribute significantly to your business strategy
  • Value Co-Creation – co-creating value from digital products through collaboration between the service provider and service consumer
  • Resilient Operations – ensuring digital products are available for use when needed

ITIL 4 identifies the following five High Velocity IT Behaviors.  Are they a good fit for your organization’s culture?

  • Trust and be trusted – Respect people’s skills and trust them to make the right decisions.
  • Continually raise the bar – Take initiatives to make improvements.
  • Help get customers’ jobs done – Help others solve problems.
  • Accept ambiguity and uncertainty – Experiment. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from mistakes. Enabled by a Safety Culture (insert link to Safety Culture article).
  • Commit to continual learning – Experiment. Challenge hypotheses.

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