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ITIL Governance

ITIL Governance

As part of the Service Value System, Governance sets the direction and regularly checks to ensure the Organization is on target, goals are being met, and value is realized.

Governance is the component of the ITIL Service Value System that ensures the organization is directed and controlled.  Governance is responsible for ensuring that value is delivered (and not just that targets are met).


Governance is critical to ensure:

  • The organization’s practices work in line with the direction given by the governing body.
  • The governing body maintains oversight of the Service Value System.
  • Both the governing body and all levels of management maintain alignment through a clear set of shared principles and objectives.
  • Governance and management continually improve to meet stakeholders’ expectations.

Unfortunately, in service management improvement and implementation initiatives, Governance is often tied to a project team – which is often disbanded or forgotten once the project is completed (or it’s not considered at all).  Don’t doom your Organization’s Service Management success by ignoring this key aspect of the Service Value System!

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