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VxRail / PowerStore Engineer

Location Resource Requested  
Yes, onsite in Goshen, NY
Remote Delivery an Option  
Citizenship Requirements  
No restrictions as long as legally eligible to work
Clearance Requests  
(No Value)
2 months
Required Skills  
VxRail / PowerStore, Dynamic Nodes
Scope Details  
Must have skills:

  • VxRail and PowerStore
  • Dynamic Nodes
    • Will need to have experience with dynamic nodes and be able to provision PowerStore storage to the VxRail cluster and make that usable on the VxRail

Project Tasks
Customer is in the processing of deploying a VxRail  with PowerStore solution which has dynamic nodes. The customer is new to these products and the resident will be responsible for:

  • Day to day operational activities/task
  • Lifecycle management for the VxRail
  • General VMware infrastructure management knowledge
    • How to do permissions , standard VM management, licensing, and vSphere networking
  • Ensure the customer understands the process/procedures for version and code upgrades, maintenance, firmware updates etc. for the VxRail
  • Assist customer in optimizing the VxRail/PowerStore environment
  • Storage provisioning and zoning
  • Review IT processes and policies (Incident, capacity, performance and change management)
  • Open and support all Dell support tickets, take the lead to work with support to resolve any issues that may arise
  • Conduct knowledge transfer to address the customer’s/partner team members skills and “product” gaps
  • Resident is expected to be self-directed, able to accomplish tasks with little to no direction
  • Resident will need to be onsite for the duration of the assignment