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PowerFlex Admin

Location Resource Requested  
Remote Delivery an Option  
Citizenship Requirements  
No restrictions as long as legally eligible to work
Clearance Requests  
6 to 8 week financial and criminal background check with 9 panel drug test
6 months
Required Skills  
PowerFlex Appliance, working in complex project environments, VMware virtualization, multicloud infrastructure
Scope Details  
Must have skills = PowerFlex Appliance,

Project Tasks
Working with members of the customer team, this resource will provide the following services:
• Provide recommendations to help customer in the decision-making process during the incorporation of the PowerFlex-based platform into the customer’s framework.
• Engage Dell and/or customer SMEs for insight and recommendations on the integration of enterprise tools and processes with the PowerFlex platform.
• Engage Dell and/or customer SMEs for recommendations on implementation of a multi-site PowerFlex configurations for High-Availability (HA).
• Work with customer SMEs who have institutional knowledge of customer applications to help develop standard PowerFlex landing zone patterns.
• Help develop the initial framework for Day-2 operational runbooks, based on defined patterns and workloads to be migrated.
• Strong understanding of high level and low-level design artefacts, designs, migration plans and procedures.
• Capable of supporting production implementation activities into critical data center and customer locations.
• Proficient in reviewing, troubleshooting, and documenting issues that may arise during design, testing and implementation stages.
• Capable of acting as a representative of customer with various internal licensor teams and technical support for any possible cases, debugging, software problems or features, security issues, roadmaps, improvement plans etc.