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DLM for Mainframe Admin

Location Resource Requested  
Remote Delivery an Option  
Citizenship Requirements  
No restrictions as long as legally eligible to work
Clearance Requests  
(No Value)
3 months
Required Skills  
IBM Mainframe DLM
Scope Details  
Must have skills = IBM Mainframe DLM
Project Tasks
• Monitor, review, and manage Dell EMC infrastructure.
• Manage user requests.
• Manage and review log files.
• Generate regular operational reports
Change Management
• Perform software/firmware management assistance and collaboration
• Implement change management requests
• Assist with solution documentation of policies and procedures in conjunction with the compliance manager(s) and with key stakeholders.
• Manage migration activities (monitor reports)
Post Implementation Planning and Knowledge Sharing:
• Perform transition planning with deployment team
• Perform incremental host and network configuration beyond deployment scope.
• Conduct knowledge transfer for new technology features, management and admin activities, and Standard Operating Procedures
• Provide recommendations on product enhancements and upgrades.
• Set up initial reports on supported products
• Implement Dell EMC System Management Tools
• Perform run-book updates (in conjunction with Customer Staff)
Problem Management
• Isolate and troubleshoot incidents
• Perform service incident coordination
• Open service requests on behalf of the Customer
• Participate in root cause analysis review
Continual Service Improvement
• Recommend procedure changes that result in operational optimization
• Share best practices from other engagements.
• Provide performance tuning recommendations.
Change Evaluation and Recommendations
• Review IT processes and policies (Incident, capacity, performance and change management, user, and back up policy) – as part of new solution or continuous improvement.
• Assist with the solution documentation of policies and procedures in conjunction with the compliance manager(s) and with other key stakeholders
• Conduct knowledge transfer to address the Customer’s skills and resource gaps as well as technology recommendations