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Cyber Recovery / Backup Admin

Location Resource Requested  
Must be within 3 hours of Billerica, MA
Remote Delivery an Option  
Yes, will be remote unless an emergency happens where they need to be onsite in Billerica, MA
Citizenship Requirements  
No restrictions as long as legally eligible to work
Clearance Requests  
(No Value)
9 months
Cyber Recovery, Data Domain
Scope Details  


Must have skills =Cyber Recovery/Data Domain

Project Tasks
This project will be onshore remote however resident must have the ability to get to Billerica MA within 3 hours (this would only be in case of an emergency). If the resident cannot do this we cannot consider for this assignment.

The resident will be part of Dell Technologies team supporting the management of a newly implemented Cyber Vault + clean room. The resident will work at the direction of the Dell team and will assist with the following:
• Day to day operational activities /tasks
• Monitor daily operations of Cyber Vault
    o Data Domain replication and health
    o Cyber Recovery logs
• Optimize the Cyber Vault components to ensure a smooth run state
o Investigate and report on supportability of customer-initiated hardware and software changes to the Cyber Recovery Vault infrastructure and protected date including patching
o Manage capacity and performance of replication jobs
• Participate in the recovery and restore operations at the direction of the Dell team onsite and the customer
• Conducts knowledge transfer to address the customer’s skills and resource gaps of vault operations