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HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations nearly doubled in the past 12 months, a sharp increase from the year before.


Where We Help

The ClearBridge HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA) goes further than other solutions while remaining competitively priced. Our onsite consulting services are designed to give you clarity and confidence during the compliance process and help mitigate risks. We don’t just identify your risks and provide a report, leaving you to sort out the results. Instead, we provide detailed recommendations to help address risks, manage HIPAA compliance, and protect your business and patient information.

Let our team of highly skilled experts alleviate the burden of compliance while making the process as clear and effective as possible. Your personal ClearBridge consultant walks you through every step of the SRA process. Incorporating in-office walk-throughs, in-depth policy reviews, employee interviews, and all the legally
required risk analyses, our comprehensive SRA findings are provided through an online HIPAA compliance platform, included at no additional charge.

The online portal provides you with step-by-step guidance on remediation activities, policy wording examples, and recommended technologies. Use it to track and manage remediation efforts, re-scan for network vulnerabilities, manage BAAs and vendors, train employees for HIPAA compliance, and track year-over-year

ClearBridge SRA Process Overview


Your personal consultant walks you through an overview of the process and kickoff meeting


Our assessment findings are loaded into an online platform


ClearBridge provides expert guidance every step of the way


Assign actions, monitor, manage, and remediate risks from within the online platform

The ClearBridge Security Risk Assessment is the clear choice for HIPAA-compliant organizations.