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In the consistently evolving digital world, customer and employee experience should be an organization’s primary focus. At ClearBridge, we recognize that if an employee is happy, his or her satisfaction will trickle down to the customer. It is imperative that organizations recognize the importance of a positive digital experience for their employees to remain at a competitive advantage.

The best way for a business to improve its digital employee experience is to focus on Experience Management.  This is achieved through the use of XLAs (Experience Level Agreements) and XIs (Experience Indicators). An XLA places the outcomes that determine the consumer experience central to design efforts. XIs are real-time experience indicators that support XLAs by mapping delivery capability. Together, XLAs and XIs take the investments that an organization has already made and improve them to create an experience that matters.

Using our proven methodology developed in conjunction with the industry authority on Experience Management, XLACollab, ClearBridge will help your organization deliver experiences that make both your employees and your customers happy. Our framework will ensure that your organization provides the best experience possible.



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