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 At ClearBridge Technology Group, our passion is bridging the technology gap by helping customers meet strategic business and staffing challenges. Whether that’s connecting them with high-quality IT professionals or the key services they need to protect their data, ClearBridge exists to provide solutions.

That’s why we are pleased to announce we have partnered with Medcurity to improve one of our existing solutions for healthcare organizations – the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment. The HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is designed for HIPAA-compliant organizations to help them not only meet the HIPAA requirements for an annual security risk assessment but also provide recommendations and support the implementation of risk mitigation efforts. Ultimately, this service helps improve the overall security of a business and protects patient information.

The HIPAA SRA provides clients with onsite consulting services. A personal consultant walks the client through the process of compliance, meeting the HIPAA requirements for an annual security risk assessment.

Medcurity provides a powerful platform that enhances the ClearBridge consulting service. Their online portal serves to facilitate the security risk assessment and house the results. Clients are given ongoing access to the online platform, which goes beyond reporting the results of the assessment. The robust online portal allows clients to track and manage their ongoing remediation efforts, re-scan for network vulnerabilities, manage BAAs and vendors, train employees for HIPAA compliance and track year-over-year improvements.

ClearBridge utilizes the portal to provide clients with step-by-step guidance on remediation activities, policy wording examples and recommended technologies based on our 25 years of experience.

Our partnership with Medcurity allows us to continue delivering value to clients beyond the initial engagement of security risk assessment and consulting services. The Medcurity online platform provides greater confidence and clarity to ClearBridge clients as they walk through the compliance process. It is a useful tool allowing them to understand the findings of their assessment, the recommended next steps, and track the internal status of their remediation efforts.

ClearBridge is proud to be able to include the Medcurity online portal with our HIPAA SRA service at no additional charge. Our goal in this partnership is in keeping with what has always been a driving factor in our business – providing solutions. Being able to do so without increasing the cost of our service is a win for our clients, which makes it a win for us.

With the HIPAA SRA service, our aim at ClearBridge is to leverage our team of highly skilled experts to alleviate the burden of compliance as we make the process as clear and effective as possible. This partnership with Medcurity and the implementation of their powerful online compliance platform supports that aim perfectly.

To learn more about the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment service, enhanced by the Medcurity Compliance Platform, visit our website or contact us to schedule a call for more information.