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ClearBridge Technology Group is pleased to announce the launch of our HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA). We’ve designed this product to meet the needs of healthcare organizations that are required by HIPAA to perform an annual risk assessment of their business.

Healthcare organizations are unfortunately highly prone to ransomware attacks on their IT security systems. Whether due to running on a tight budget and not having enough to spend on properly securing information or for other reasons like outdated software systems, it’s clear that healthcare organizations are low-hanging fruit for ransomware actors.

According to The State of Ransomware in Healthcare 2022 survey:

  • Ransomware attacks on healthcare almost doubled from 2020 to 2021.
  • The healthcare sector saw the highest increase in volume (69%) and perceived complexity (67%) of cyber attacks.
  • While healthcare is most likely to pay the ransom (ranking first at 61% of organizations paying the ransom), less data is recovered after making a payment. Healthcare organizations that paid only got back 65% of their stolen data in 2021, down from 69% in 2020.

Stats like these go on, but what they make very clear is that healthcare organizations have room for improvement when it comes to information security.

It is with this in mind that we created the ClearBridge HIPAA SRA product. With this product, the Security Risk Assessment for a healthcare company is performed in alignment with HIPAA compliance, but then we take it a step further. We provide recommendations and expertise to help you not only comply with HIPAA guidelines but improve your IT security and protect your data.

An organization begins by selecting the ClearBridge SRA and is assigned a personal ClearBridge consultant. This expert will walk with you through every step of the SRA process. Alongside you, they will visit your office for in-office walk-throughs, conduct employee interviews, and perform in-depth policy reviews, as well as all the legally required risk analyses for your business.

After this assessment process, our comprehensive SRA findings are provided to you through a dynamic online HIPAA compliance platform, included with our service at no additional charge. This robust online system provides you with our step-by-step guidance on remediation activities, suggested wording examples for your written policies, and recommended technologies that will help you boost your security.

In addition to being able to track and manage your remediation efforts all in one place, our platform allows you to re-scan for network vulnerabilities at any time, manage your BAAs and vendors, provide training for employees on HIPAA compliance, and track year-over-year improvements in your assessment results.

With ClearBridge’s expert guidance supporting you every step of the way, we simplify the process of conducting your annually required SRA and boost your business’ security from ransomware attacks when you follow our recommendations.

Our HIPAA SRA is designed to alleviate the burden of compliance from healthcare professionals whose energy is better spent helping patients, and we aim to make a difference in the statistics existing around healthcare and ransomware security.

Our experts are standing by, so if you are due for your annual HIPAA SRA, let’s talk. ClearBridge’s new product, the HIPAA SRA, can take your organization from compliance to enhanced security.

Learn more and schedule time to talk with a representative today.