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Ever since the release of the ITIL 4 Maturity Model and related assessments, many people have asked me for information.  It’s been a great experience to be both an alpha and beta tester of the product. I’m also proud to say that I helped launch the Assessment service in the US as the first US ITIL Assessor. 

Can I Have a Copy of the ITIL Maturity Model?

I can’t count how many time’s I’m asked “Can I have a copy of the Model?” or “Can you provide me tools or templates for the assessment?”  The simple answer is “no”. However, I can provide you with some information that will help you with what you are looking for.


ITIL Maturity Model and Assessments

Let me first explain how the ITIL 4 Maturity Model and Assessments work.  The Maturity Model is now a tool that only practitioners who have gone through the appropriate training may leverage. Experience in ITIL adoption is also required.  Additionally, these assessors must work for an Axelos Consulting Partner (aka ACP) qualified in ITIL best practice.  This ensures the integrity of the assessments. It also confirms that ratings for practice capability and service value system maturity are consistent and valid.


Is this an Audit?

“So how do you prepare for the ITIL audit?”  is another question I hear frequently.  I understand where this is coming from, but it’s slightly misaligned.  The ITIL 4 Maturity Assessment is not an audit. They are a part of your Continual Improvement Practice and understanding where you are today and where you want to be. It’s one of the reasons why all assessments include an evaluation of the Continual Improvement Practice.


How do I Prepare for an ITIL Maturity Assessment?

So how do you prepare for the assessment and attempt to mature your adoption of the ITIL best practices?  The easy answer is it is in the books, but probably not the ones that immediately come to mind.  While ITIL 4 Foundation and other module books are valuable resources, it is the Practice Guides that are most helpful for practice capability improvement. The ITIL 4 maturity model is based on how to achieve practice success factors as it relates to the four dimensions.

To improve in the practices that are important for your organization, download the related ITIL Practice Guides which you can access as part of a MyAxelos subscription.  The Practice Guides define the fundamentals of the practice and identify what capabilities should exist as it relates to the objectives of the Practice, aka the Practice Success Factors. 


For additional information on ITIL 4, The Maturity Model, or related Assessments, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or click here to schedule a time to talk to one of our ITIL experts.